Beautiful Buenos Aires

I don’t know about you, but I’m always dreaming about the place I’d go when/if I got rich and where I could settle down for the golden years, do a little work here and there, but otherwise just travel, travel, travel. There are places in the states that have this appeal. I could see hanging out in Montana or Wyoming. And then there are places like Thailand, where I can imagine living in a little village, eating Thai food all the time and penning some great (and likely ever unpublished) novel. But it seems that many folks who have had this idea, many of them in the prime of their youth, are heading South. Far South to .

According to this piece in New York Magazine, since ‘s 2001 financial collapse huge numbers of Americans have headed to BA to live large. The exact numbers are unknown, but the number of Americans registered with the embassy to visit…many for long stays…jumped nearly 13 percent between 2004 and 2005. A second apartment, like the guy in the article bought for himself, cost just $68,000.

I can understand this. I spent two weeks in Buenos Aires years ago and loved the city. The broad avenues, the rich culture, the food (that is, the meat….oh, the meat, don’t get me started on the meat), and the women. Even though I could hardly get a Portena to give me the time of day (they are, I contest, quite snooty) they are mighty fine to look at. So it makes sense that various bond traders who cashed in with their f*ck you numbers have sought BA out as an earthly paradise.