Time for us to showcase some of our favorite blurbs of the week in case you missed them. I’m guessing most of you dear and loyal readers, haven’t and I completely don’t understand if you did, but here’s another chance to review five.

5. Saving Belizean Music:

Thanks to Neil, Belizean music is remembered this week. In this short blog he points us to a LA Times piece on the sounds of local music in Belize. On top of that he also provides you with a link to get your own fill of these Central American tunes.

4. Saving Pics:
Everyone’s got their own method to saving their precious travel memories. Some will back them up three times on CD, on five different computers or you name it so long as they are protected. A few of us who are a little more trusting in modern technology can probably do without caring too much equipment in the name of protection and that is why I point you to this (oh-so) simple gear piece from Erik. The skinny – Flashtrax XT. Another cool compact option for photo storage on the road.

3. Machu Picchu Helicopter:
To climb or fly? That is the question in this chopper over Machu Picchu piece, where Neil invites readers to share their feelings on whether or not taking the ride up to the ruins is better than hiking. In short, we want to know if it’s cool or lame?

2. Road Trip USA Podcasts:
Here’s a good one if you’re planning a last minute road trip for the summer – Road Trip USA podcasts by Jaime Jensen. While the gas along the way may be high you needn’t worry about the podcasts costing you a thing, because if what Erik says is true, then they’re free. Go get some audio for the road to help you along the way!

1. Self-Erecting Tent:

Some claim it’s spankin’ new and other say it’s a thing of years past, but I’ve never heard of it so for me it’s on the spankin’ side. What am I speaking of? The self-erecting tent by Quechua is making pitching your cozy campsite digs a breeze. All you do is toss it in the air and by the time it lands your home-sweet-tent is all ready to go. Thank Neil for pointing to this fine piece of gear.