International Drivers License Scam

The good folks over at Travelpost give us a heads up about a scam that seems to be rampant enough that the AAA is warning people about it. Looks like travelers abroad are being lured into scams to purchase international drivers licenses for amounts as $350. Of course, these are fake licenses, people, and would likely do you no god even if you got pulled over in, say, Italy. The reality, it turns out, is that to get your international driving permit all you need is your U.S. license, $10 and two original passport-size photos, which they will even take for you at the AAA office. In fact, you don’t really even have to go into the office at all. You can apply for your permit in person or by mail.

Why do you need one? Well, it helps if you want to do any driving while overseas. And the permits are valid in 150 countries for up to a year.