Terracotta Posing

Have you ever wanted to jump over that little rope that separates you from some ancient piece of history and become part of it yourself? To wander amongst ancient ruins, sit in a famous person’s chair in a house museum, or run your hands across old dinosaur bones?

The urge to do so was so overwhelming for Pablo Wendel that he put together a rather brilliant little plan. The German student, who was studying art in China, created a fake military uniform worn by the famous Terracotta Warriors in Xian. He then visited the archeological site and when no one was looking, jumped into the excavated pit, and assumed his place amongst the many lines of warriors.

Wendel stood frozen in place and managed to blend in for only a few minutes before alert authorities noticed one of the 2000 ancient statues was actually breathing and hauled him out of there. Apparently the dedicated performance artist kept his pose the entire time and police had to carry him out like a log.