Working in the Air

Here’s a disturbing trend.

Singapore Airlines is spending $360 million to upgrade their inflight entertainment and service. So far so good. The only problem is that they are equipping every seat with access to Sun Microsystems’ StarOffice Productivity Suite. This program, similar to Microsoft Office, has a bevy of spreadsheets, word processing, and other work-related software.

Now there is simply no excuse to not work while traveling. No more sleeping on the company dime when they shoot you off to Singapore for that big meeting. The company is paying you to go, and now you can toil away while en route.

Companies hoping this will improve productivity should also note that part of the upgrade will include “1000 on-demand options including movies, TV programs, interactive games, audio CDs.”

In other words, there’s plenty of opportunity to procrastinate and goof off. Just like at real work.