Adventures for Adrenaline Junkies

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Do you watch too many Tom Cruise movies? We thought so. Well get off your flabby backside and launch yourself into new adventures that require your full and immediate attention and a bit of physical exertion to boot. I’m not talking about wandering the stale halls of a museum. I’m talking about Alpha Male adventures, the kind of adrenal gland squeezing stuff that will either get you fired up or, quite possibly, get you killed.

This piece over at MSNBC tells you how to do it and with whom (sound provocative ,does it not?). With companies like Sarasota, Florida-based Incredible Adventures, you can fly supersonic jets or reach the stratosphere. Or, if you haven’t worn your chaps in a while, there is West Virginia-based Z Bulls, whose day-long programs will have you riding bulls like…um…some famous bull rider, none of who’s names I can think of. Or, become a polar explorer for a day and try your paw at dog sledding in the Swedish Lapland.

Or, you can just stay at home and do nothing, playing with your new Sony video game console, eat potato chips get fat and die the easy way. It’s up to you.