Gadling Podcast: Mike Marriner of Roadtrip Nation

What do you do for a living? Do you have the job you love or did you join a career for financial expedience? Perhaps you chose your job as a result of family pressure? The big questions is: do you do what you love? Did you take the time to think about it? (OK, that was two questions).

No matter. The point is that we sometimes rush into big life decisions without the kind of careful consideration that would help us be more happy. This exact thought was on the mind of Mike Marriner and his friends when they graduated from college, and rather than make a rash decision about what to do next, they did the sensible thing: Road Trip.

In this new podcast
I talk with Mike about how he took the road trip that changed his life and that led to the creation of Roadtrip Nation, a massive national roadtrip program that seeks to get young people to think before they leap into the great, slimy, deep, cold, creature-infested pond of life (or the warm, bubbly, Swedish-model-filled jacuzzi of life in you happen to be Hugh Hefner). As Mike explains, Roadtrip Nation exploded from a cross-country Winnebago ramble into a full fledged national program with TV shows and books attached. It is very cool and very inspirational and, well, why don’t you just go ahead and listen.

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