Seat Belts Not Necessary: Five Videos of Terrifying Traffic

I’m in a video mood today. I spent the last hour or so going through YouTube and rounding up some of the best videos of bizarre traffic situations from around the world. And YouTube has a ton, let me tell you. Many of the clips brought back teeth-rattling memories from my recent trip to India, and I found myself flashing back to those times I traveled by rickshaw, unsure of whether or not I would arrive to my destination in one piece. I did, luckily, but not without some mental scarring.

With that, I give you the five fabulous videos, in no particular order:

Here’s a good night shot of Cairo traffic. No sort of rules — just use the horn as much as possible. I like it.

For the rest, please …

This one from Taipei isn’t that impressive in terms of traffic, but the guy holding the camera is a hoot! “Look at those crazy scooters, man! They’re nuts! Your scooters are crazy!”

Watch these people negotiate their way through Saigon traffic on foot. Amazing.

This one is especially great, and if you’ve been to India, you’ll know why. Even when things appear to be calm — if only for a few seconds — there’s always bound to be a few cars blowing their horns and coming within inches of running you over. I miss that place.

And finally, a short one from Cambodia. Poor dude on a trike gets hassled by a cop — it’s a good thing he can reverse in that thing!