FlyLite: Travel Like a Celebrity

There’s a new company out there called FlyLite who is revolutionizing the way (rich) people travel. Never again will you have to worry about the painful task of selecting clothes, placing them into a suitcase, and rolling it to the airport for your next trip. For a $500 setup fee, and $100 per one-way round trip, FlyLite will send you a suitcase which you fill with a collection of your favorite travel clothes and accessories and send it back to them. They will then inventory what you’ve packed and place the list of items in an online database. When you’re ready to travel, you log in to their website and select the clothing and other items you want to take with you, and enter in your destination. FlyLite does the rest: packing, dry-cleaning, and delivering your suitcase so it’s waiting for you upon your arrival.

A bit overkill? Perhaps. But with enough money you can hire out pretty much anything, and I would probably use something like this if I had an endless stream of money and traveled every week. It’s obviously not for your occasional, budget traveler, but I can totally see where someone who flies for business on a weekly basis could get great use out of this service. Buy a few extra suits, some casual clothes and keep them with FlyLite all the time, and you’d never have to worry about packing again.