“Golden-Age” Stewardess Photo Gallery

I’m not old enough to have experienced the “golden-age” of flying, when jet-powered planes first took the skies and young, unmarried (by law) stewardesses — as they were called then — wore brightly-colored, glamorous outfits to much fanfare. It’s tough to look back in retrospect (especially if you weren’t even alive at the time) and wonder if the outfits in this photo gallery were as ridiculous-looking as they come across today. Go-go boots, hair-protecting space helmets? What were they thinking? In all fairness, many of the outfits are completely normal looking, and actually appear to be much more pilot-like and professional than some flight attendants today. (HootersAir, I am was looking at you!) Regardless, the gallery is a fun look back into the heyday of commercial airline travel. Check it out!