21 (+3) Tips For Getting Kids Excited About Travel

Last week, we offered several keeping-kids-on-road-trips-happy ideas, including printable car activities and a car trip check list. Having no kids myself, I thought these tips would be plenty.

Unfortunately, blogger Wendy Perrin called us out on it, claiming that our tips “just don’t work” for her kids. Consequently, we thought we’d try to scrounge up a few other ideas for parents looking to distract their children. Not only did we find a few more tips — we found 21 more.

The folks at We Just Got Back have a round-up of 21 websites designed to get kids excited about travel. From showing them a webcam-preview of your destination (think: bear cam, or panoramic views of Seattle from atop the Space Needle!), to nipping in the bud the inevitable “How does this work?” questions, like How are interstate highways are numbered?, they’ve got a slew of ideas for parents who want their children to fall in love with travel.

Granted, these are all pre-departure activities. For on the road, Wendy suggests revving up the old “engine guessing game.” She’s also an advocate of Crayola Color Wonder paper and pens and Crayola’s flip-top markers to keep little ones entertained.

When I was young, the “Trip Fairy” used to bring me one small toy “if I was good,” each night I spent on the road. I remember being extra-good in order to get that gift. It all worked out so beautifully, until Mom had to push the envelope, and call me as the “Trip Fairy.” Of course, I recognized her voice immediately. Man, my world really came tumbling down when that happened last week.

[Thanks, Christine! Photo: -kirra-]