Eating Cheap in Pricey London

The last time I was in London I dropped $60 on an enchilada, some tacos and a margarita. Ouch! Normally I wouldn’t order Mexican food while abroad since I live in Los Angeles, but I was visiting my sister who was living in London at the time and she was hankering for Mexican food–Mexican food that would have cost me $15 back home.

London has become one of the most expensive places to eat on this planet. A $25 enchilada is just criminal! My sister’s rule was to just pretend that the pound was the dollar. In this way a £12 enchilada seemed a bit more palatable (until I returned home and got my visa bill).

There are cheaper options to be had, however. Jane Perlez, writing for the International Herald Tribune, has managed to track down a handful and share them with us pound paupers.

Perlez, for example, points us to “grazing” menus that feature finger foods like tapas. Or the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants that are sure to please. Most of her suggestions, however, are for international cuisine. I think we can all agree that British food isn’t exactly the best on this planet, but when I’m in a foreign country, I like to eat their local specialties (like enchiladas in London. Ha!).

And so, I was pleased to discover among the Iranian, Thai, Chinese and Spanish suggestions a single British staple: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Yes, it’s not exactly the best named place to really rouse the appetite, but it is a place where one can buy fish and chips for just £7.75.

Hey wait! That’s nearly $15! I can buy that for much cheaper at the Ye Olde King’s Head back home in Santa Monica!