Cheap Grub in Iceland. Honest!

“Budget” and “Iceland” are rarely spoken in the same sentence.

As much as I love this Nordic country, it unfortunately remains the most expensive place I’ve ever visited. Occasionally, my brother and I opted for hot dogs from a hot dog stand in Reykjavik to cut costs, but otherwise we paid small fortunes for a sit down meal in a restaurant.

Jonathan Finer, writing for the Washington Post, was equally shocked at the restaurant prices but was able to find a couple of budget alternatives. In Iceland’s Costly Capital, Two Cool Bargains, Finer points hungry travelers in the right direction.

At Saegreifinn (above) he was able to walk away with just a $45 bill for two entrees of seafood, soup, and two bottles of local beer. Right next door at Hamborgarabullan (Hamburger Joint) Finer discovered burgers, fries and milkshakes for two people priced at just under $30.

Sure, it still sounds expensive, but “budget” is a relative term. And in Iceland, $30 for hamburgers is a great freakin’ deal indeed!