Walking New York City – 150 Miles of It

Perhaps hoping to create a whole new outdoor sports genre, last Monday two guys named Matt Green and Rob Moncure began a 150 mile trek around New York City. Of course they are keeping a blog, and commenting on what they see and hear…and how it feels to get mugged and yelled at, harassed, and run over by a cab.

They will be well-prepared. According to their Myspace page, they will have drinking water, socks, and an emergency roll of toilet paper…apparently the ultimate tool kit for the minimalist city trekker. But they have further ambitions. Rob and Matt will carry with them a checklist “of crucial tasks” that they say they must complete before their adventure can be considered a success. Among them: riding a camel, getting a haircut, and performing music on a subway platform. The latter I get, the former is gonna be tough. Hopefully, they have a contact who knows where for find a camel in Gotham. There is a nice little interview with these ambitious foot soldiers over at Gothamist.