Das Urinator: German Pee Bag for Long Road Trips

We’ve all been there before. You’re on a long trip and you’ve got to pee really, really bad. The only problem is that there is no toilet anywhere near.

Well, now a German manufacturer has solved this age-old problem.

The RoadBag is a handy little receptacle for your urine. Simply do your business into the bag and a special chemical immediately solidifies your waste, thus preventing any spillage or mess. Seal it up and then throw it away at your next stop. Problem solved!

The RoadBag website is unfortunately all in German. For your convenience–and entertainment–I’ve translated it using Google Translator:

Each man knows it: Situations, in which one would give everything for a toilet. Roadbag® this problem eases once and for all.
Whether in the back-up or on the festival, with the camping or in the sport airplane – Roadbag®, the bag WC for men, facilitates you, where you also are.
Roadbag® is handily, surely, hygenically and comfortable.
The secret of Roadbag® is the superabsorber: This special granulates in the interior bag connects itself with the urine to a firm gel. Thus no drop can run out, become unpleasant smells reliably prevented.
For clean hands after urination Roadbag® a refresher pad is attached to everyone. A completely clean thing.

Oh, and be sure to listen to their classic theme song.

(via RandomGoodStuff.com)