Alaska Float Plane Photo Gallery

If you’ve been enjoying Gadling the last couple of days, you may have read our two-part series highlighting the joys of float plane fishing in Alaska.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime vacation I recently took with a group of old friends from high school, most of which had never been to Alaska before. It was a do-it-yourself trip that turned out to be surprisingly inexpensive and expectedly wonderful. We saw bears and bald eagles, caught so much salmon we had to throw most of it back, hiked through magnificent scenery, and otherwise indulged in all that is Alaska.

As one might expect, nearly a week of fishing for salmon from a remote Alaska cabin produces quite a number of fantastic photographs. While many of them were already included in the two-part series, we’ve grouped the others into an amazing Photo Gallery that truly captures the Alaska experience. But be careful; viewing these photographs may be dangerously motivating — you might just leave the wife and children at home and venture into the wilderness just as we all did.

Affordable Float Plane Fishing in Alaska Part 1
Affordable Float Plane Fishing in Alaska Part 2