One for the Road: The Head Trip

Here’s a second creative travel-themed title from a Canadian writer featured here this week: Science journalist Jeff Warren takes readers on a tour of the mind in The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness. This “field-guide” to the mind explores lucid dreaming, Eastern meditative practices, hypnosis, neurofeedback and other brain awareness activities.

From the publisher: Part user’s manual and part travel guide, The Head Trip is an instant classic, a brilliant summation of consciousness studies that is also a practical guide to enhancing creativity, mental health, and the experience of what it means to be human. Many books claim that they will change you. This one gives you the tools to change yourself.

Psychology and neuroscience are packaged with humor in this adventurous trip through our own heads. As mysterious as any journey embarked upon with no set route or agenda, this mind-mapping memoir travels through the twelve unique states of mind available to humans over a 24-hour day. Not your average travel book, of course, but quite a ride just the same. Warren provided his own witty illustrations for the book too. Oh, and not that it matters, but he has penned a more “traditional” guidebook as well.