GADLING TAKE FIVE week of 12/21/2007

As I’m in a holiday rush, getting ready to drive 126 miles through the mountains to Anchorage when it’s supposed to snow 20 inches (20 inches!) over the night, then catch a flight to Seattle before trying to fit in last-minute Christmas shopping in a town that actually has more than 2 stores, as well as work a half-day in the morning and try to pack for two climates (Washington and Florida in addition the travel in Alaska), I’m going to make this post short and sweet (unlike this sentence).

1. Gadling’s guide to mileage running. Check it.
2. Christmas in the Czech Republic involves killing carp.
3. Gadling bought a cow!
4. Gadling’s got a grand giveaway going on, and at the time of this post, you’ve got about 4 hours left to enter.
5. We have a new blogger. His name is Aaron. Here’s a post he wrote this week.

There you have it!

Peace out, and happy solstice.