Take a little piece of the Ivory Coast home with you… for $1 million.

Selling souvenirs is a big industry; everyone wants to take a little bit of their travels home with them. For most people that means a beer stein from Munich, a triangular hat from Vietnam or a maple leaf flag from Canada. But for others — with lots of money to spend — it can mean a botanical curiosity like a rare tree.

According to the BBC, in the Ivory Coast, scientists are attempting to sell a rare coconut tree for $1 million. The palm tree has a hefty price tag because it has three heads; usually coconut trees only have one. Whoever ends up buying the tree will be free to move it to the location of their choice, and although the tree might end up somewhere fancy and pretentious, the money will be going to a good cause: to continue research at the Marc Delorne research station.

I can’t stop wondering how exactly one transports a coconut tree? Probably not by airline, you’d probably get charged for checking a second bag.