Strange in Japan: The country’s 10 wackiest consumer products

Anybody who’s a frequent reader of Matthew Firestone’s Big in Japan blog here at Gadling knows that there are some mighty strange things to be found in Japan.

“How strange?” I hear you ask.

Well, with Big in Japan on vacation in Africa, of all places, I’ll throw out these 10 wacky consumer products that are available in Japan, as compiled by Oddee.

Next time you’re in Japan, try to get your hands on:

  • A pillow in the shape of a woman’s lap
  • A cold bottle of “bilk” (milk + beer)
  • Special pills to enhance your gaming abilities
  • Diet water (“half the calories” of regular water)
  • Horse meat ice cream
  • Lollipops that taste like flavored condoms, designed to make you horny
  • Breast milk available by the carton (called “Mother’s Milk”)
  • Chewing gum meant to increase breast size
  • A rather phallic-looking swan balloon that “rapidly expands”
  • A fresh air mask you hook up to any household plant

I’m not making any of these up. Check them out yourself here.