Death-in-a-bottle tourism

Tijuana, San Diego’s cross-border Mexican cousin, has long been known as a place that’ll get you what you want, when you want it. And if what you’re looking for is an early death, according to the New York Times, the city can help you with that too.

Visitors to Tijuana are accustomed to street hustlers peddling marijuana, cocaine, and girls, but a far more dangerous product lurks on the shelves of Tijuana’s pet shops: pentobarbital, commonly known as Nembutol, which is often used to euthanize animals.

The Times describes the drug thusly: “The drug, pentobarbital, literally takes a person’s breath away. It can kill by putting people to sleep, and it is tightly regulated in most countries. But aging and ailing people seeking a quick and painless way to end their lives say there is no easier place on earth than Mexico to obtain pentobarbital…”

The drug costs about 30 dollars for a dose, and according to some sources, hundreds of people have already traveled to Tijuana from the US, Australia, and elsewhere, to purchase the drug for human consumption.

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