SkyMall Monday: Floating Blackjack

It’s a new year and time for new SkyMall Monday goodness! Are you an avid gambler who can quit anytime but who chooses not to and sees nothing wrong with gambling 22 hours a day? Do enjoy gambling even when pursuing other leisure activities? Do you like standing still in large bodies of water? Well, my friends, then the Floating Blackjack Game is the product for you!

Sure, you could certainly jump into a pool and play volleyball, float on a raft or, I don’t know, swim. But would you be making money? No (unless, of course, you’re betting on who will win said volleyball game and/or butterfly relay). What better way to kill a gorgeous afternoon than to stand in one place in the pool and play a card game? And I’m sure the kids will have no problem following your instructions not to swim near the table or splash daddy and his lady friends.

As always, no one can sell a product better than the folks at SkyMall, so let’s take a look at the product description:

Guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment in your swimming pool or Jacuzzi, the kit includes everything you need for a rousing game of blackjack…

What better place to rest a card table than a pool with jets that create constant and aggressive water movement? And there will certainly be no negative effects on your body from spending a couple of hours in a heated Jacuzzi playing blackjack. Heck, why not drop in a few bouillon cubes while you’re at it?

Not convinced that blackjack can be played in the pool? Well, I dug deeper (because I’m a journalist) and explored the official website of this fine product.

There I learned that these are the “world’s first patented playing cards that are able to be played and shuffled in water without the cards sticking together or destroyed by water.” Sure, it’s reassuring to learn that the cards won’t be destroyed by playing with them near the water. But it’s mind-blowing to learn that you can SHUFFLE them “in water.” Not just near water. Not only adjacent to water. Not simply juxtaposed to water. IN WATER! Look, if you can shuffle cards underwater, then I’ll let you play any game you want in the pool. Just keep your freakish hands away from me!

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