Outdoor Adventure Texas Style

The LA Times recently paid a visit to West Texas and wrote up two good articles on what that part of the state has to offer in terms of activities for the traveler who enjoys spending time in the outdoors while visiting a new location.

The first article takes a look at the bountiful rock climbing and bouldering opportunities at Hueco Tanks State Park, an 860 acre park located near El Paso that is known for ancient rock paintings dating back hundreds of years. The park gets it’s name from the natural stone basins or “huecos” that form water collection “tanks” and have gatered and stored rain water for indigenous people in the region for thousands of years.

Despite all the amazing history that surrounds the place, in recent years the Hueco Tanks has become a mecca for rock climbing enthusiasts who come from all over the world to take on it’s massive boulders. There are many challenging routes, or “problems” in the vernacular of the sport, for climbers of all skill levels, making it an ideal spot to camp and climb for a few days.

The second article, not surprisingly written by the same author, reveals the opportunities for mountain bikers in the El Paso area. Riding the Redd Road mountain trails through the Chihuahuan Desert, near the Rio Grande River, provides for a challenging ride for even experienced mountain bikers, mixing in plenty of rock and sand for a ride that can be technically demanding at times.

When paired together, the two articles make for a great travel itinerary for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a new adventure destination without breaking the bank. Spend a weekend in the El Paso area and mix in some climbing and mountain biking for a well rounded experience. The winter months are the perfect time to go as well, with little precipitation and mild tempertures allowing you to play all day in the warm West Texas sun.