Adventure travel in India: Rafting

One could say that any travel in India is an adventure and that could be accurate–even if you have loads of cash and are sticking close to swank establishments. If you head out of the mainstream, adventure is guaranteed. One option to add some thrills into your trip is to take in a rafting trip.

Arthur Max’s article published in The Columbus Dispatch gives details about his six-day rafting trip on the Kameng River. The river passes through the rain forest of the Valley of the Hornbills and through bamboo villages of the Nishi ethnic group. For anyone thinking of taking such a trip, Max’s article is a terrific place. Along with describing the experience, he gives the how-tos, the cost and what to expect. There’s also a handy sidebar of other options and rafting companies. One detail to note, is what a travel bargain such a trip can be compared to what you might pay elsewhere.

When we lived in India, the timing stunk for me to go rafting. While my husband headed down the Ganges above Rishikesh with our nine-year-old daughter, I waited for them at the take-out point. At seven-months pregnant, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a possible spill into the Ganges. I was having my own adventure.

What I can say is that the water was gorgeous, and my husband, daughter and the other friends they were with had a wonderful time. Theirs was a half-day trip that they hooked up with thanks to the staff at The Glass House, one of the Neemrana Hotels where we stayed for a three-day weekend, also above Rishikesh.