Tourism Australia TV ad a winner: See it and start packing

“Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. Sometimes we have to go on a walkabout.”

If some angelic looking child whispered this in my ear while I slept, I’d hop out of bed and head straight to Australia myself. This alluring bit of dialog is only part of what makes Tourism Australia’s ‘Come Walkabout’ TV ad brilliant. With Baz Luhrmann’s creative juices adding to the mix of the ad’s creators, there is almost a complete movie here in all of a minute and a half. In a way, it’s the poem version of the full length feature film Walkabout, but happier–much happier.

For it’s brilliance, the ad won the silver Clio Award as an entry in this prestige’s international advertising and design competition. It’s like the Oscars for commercials. According to this article in Scoop, the ad’s impact has already been felt, particularly by folks looking for adventure. I wonder how crowded that swimming hole surrounded by gorgeous scenery will get?