Coming soon: take a non-stop train from Germany to London

As of right now, taking the train from Germany to London involves one or more transfers in Belgium or France to catch a Eurostar high-speed train. Those trains are specifically designed for the Channel Tunnel, making them the only approved means for passenger travel under the English Channel.

This Autumn, that may change when the German rail operator trials a modified ICE high-speed train on a journey from Germany non-stop to London.

The Siemens built train has been specially designed to adhere to the strict fire safety rules in place for rolling stock passing through the tunnel.

While a commercial rail service linking Germany to the UK may not be ready this year, a successful trial could eventually mean catching a train in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin, and getting off in London several hours later, all without dealing with the hell of the airport. Sign me up.

[Image source: Railway Gazette]