New Zealand to open new trekking route

New Zealand, a country that is already established as one of the best adventure travel destinations on the planet, is preparing to open a new trekking route that will run the entire length of the country. Dubbed Te Araroa, the trail is the result of a massive volunteer effort that has come together over the past two decades.

Te Araroa, which means The Long Pathway in the language of the Māori, will officially open with a ceremony to be held in Wellington on December 3rd. The city is the approximate middle point for the new trail, which runs for more than 3000km (1865 miles) starting at Cape Reinga in the north and ending in Bluff in New Zealand’s extreme south. The trail essentially runs the entire length of both the North and South Islands, and is made up of about 300 sections that vary in length from a few hours to a few days. The route passes over snow capped peaks, through thick forests, and past lush farmland, showcasing some of the stunning scenery that New Zealand is so well known for. It also wanders through seven different cities, which will likely become popular places to start and stop, as well as resupply along the way.

This new trekking option is the result of many years of hard work and perseverance. Over the past 17 years, Te Araroa has been built by a very dedicated group of volunteers who have linked-up existing trails, and built completely new ones, in an effort to build this one major path. Now that it is finished, and preparing to officially open, long distance hikers are no doubt already preparing to walk its length. It is estimated that it will take roughly 4 months to hike it from end-to-end.

For more information on the Te Araroa visit the trail’s official website.

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