Virgin America Unveils New Uniforms

Five years after the birth of their airline, Virgin America is already mixing up their image and updating crew and staff uniforms. The airline, which has always been aesthetically sharp, tapped the team at Banana Republic for help with the new design. The result is a line of uniforms that are modern, professional and custom designed for an airline employee’s needs. For example, extra room has been factored into shirtsleeves to account for reaching up and into overhead bins, while select fabrics were used for durability and comfort. A gallery showing the new flight attendant, pilot and airport staff uniforms is below.

For those that are impressed enough by the designs, a line of Banana Republic gear will also be available for purchase in the onboard shopping system, while apparently some Virgin America branded gear will migrate into the clothing stores.

The airline expects to roll out the uniforms in August, and though there was never any risk of losing style points to the competition, this update should keep Virgin America on top for a long time to come.


[images courtesy Virgin America]