Swiss City Turns Financial District into Sweet Living Room

DeputyDog shares these photos of an outdoor “living room” in Switzerland. Yes, you read that right; This is outside. The city of St. Gallen laid out plush, red carpet among the stodgy buildings of their financial district. The installation is called “Stadtlounge” which translates from German to English as “city lounge.” I love how the fabric pours out over the streets and rises in gorgeous curves to form ultra-chic couches.

If you’d like to learn more — and you can read German — check out the official Stadtlounge site. If you can’t read German, or if you’re just lazy, sneak a peek at more city lounge photos after the jump…

[via Reddit]

You know, I’d love to see someone treat this public living room as his own by walking around in boxers or passing out on a couch while an episode of Family Guy blares in the background.

This is what happens when you don’t pay your parking tickets. I kid. There’s not really a car under there, but that would be a great way for the city to get a point across.

Seeing all of this lounge furniture makes me think that martini-drinking hipsters will soon take over St. Gallen’s financial district.

Traveling Tips from a Backpacking Geek

Thomas Beagle is a shining example of why we love geeks here at Gadling. Thomas and his partner Kim planned a backpacking trip around Central America and southern Mexico, but they did more than just thumb through a Let’s Go guidebook. The duo took a very careful and considered approach to packing for their long journey, and Thomas shares the technological aspect of the trip planning on his blog:

  • Carrying Important Documents: Thomas and Kim scanned their passports, civil union certificate, and other important documents. Then, they encrypted the files, and saved them to USB flash drives. Each person held onto a flash drive during the trip. This is a twist on the traditional approach of carrying all of your important documents on you in case of an emergency. It might be difficult to access the files while you’re away with nature, but it’s good to be prepared.
  • Securing Bank Accounts: They chose a bank that offers an extra layer of security when accessing your accounts over the Internet. HSBC Bank New Zealand offers a keychain-sized device that displays a rotating code for the bank’s website. A thief would need to know your secret login information and would need to steal the device to get access to your account. That’s not impossible, but it’s safer than only using an online password that someone could catch by looking over your shoulder.
  • Protecting Digital Photos: The pair knew they were going to snap a lot of digital pictures on the road, but they did more than sign up for a Flickr account. They also burned CDs of their photos and mailed copies home. That’s a great way to backup those priceless memories in case something happens to your camera’s memory cards before you return home.

Thomas lists a few more tricks and tips he used while abroad on his blog which is aptly titled The Compleat Thomas Beagle.

Video: 747 Makes a Very, Very Low Landing

Here’s a video for the “I Need New Pants” file. It’s a KLM 747 making an extremely low landing at an airport in St. Maarten. I love how everyone on the beach is transfixed by the giant flying object hurtling towards them. Me? I’d be the guy ducking for cover and screaming like a little girl.

I’m not one to doubt the usually reputable content on The YouTube, but can this possibly be real? Judge for yourself; check out a video of another St. Maarten landing after the jump.

Urban Camping: Tents in the Big City?

Prices of metropolitan hotels got you down? No worries. Michael Rakowitz’ P(Lot) project has the answer for cheap stays in the city: car cover tents! Plop one down in a parking space, feed the meter, and you’ve got yourself a campsite. Break out the s’mores! Sure, vagrancy laws might cut your stay a little short, but the memories would last a lifetime. [via]

Check out more urban camping photos after the jump.

Here’s a view inside the car cover tent. Looks cosy, but I’d worry about pesky city roaches and rodents popping in for a visit.

I think I’d pick this urban camping tent. I’m not a racing fan; the tent just reminds me of my old racecar bed. Vroom vroom.

Here’s one for the high-rollers. It’s a Porsche-shaped car cover tent. I’d love to see the look on the face of a confused thief who pulls back the car cover only to find a sleeping bag and Therm-a-rest.

People watching would probably be a lot of fun during an urban camping trip. I’d sit in the empty shell with the tent flap open waving to people and snacking on granola bars.

Really, Really Long Security Line in Heathrow

Here’s a video that will actually make you glad you’re sitting in front of a computer instead of being out on vacation. It’s footage of an unbelievably long security checkpoint queue in Heathrow Airport for passengers changing flights. The cameraman for this particular film spent over three and a half hours waiting in it.

The piece is almost three minutes long, and that wasn’t even enough time to film all of the people in line!

[via Boing Boing]