Photo of the Day (06.05.2008)

I love a good night photo, and this one by Trent Strohm (aka Strudel Monkey) fits the bill. It’s colourful, it’s clear, it’s well-composed, and most importantly, it fills me with the insatiable urge to go to China right-freaking-now. Taken recently, the photo is of the Huilan Pavilion in Qingdao, China. It was built in 1891 and might look oddly familiar for a very good reason: It’s on the label of all Tsingtao beer bottles.

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Photo of the Day (04.29.2008)

My first few hours in Barcelona went like this: Wandering around with an outrageously heavy pack on my back, a battered lonely planet in my hands, and a confused look on my face. I was lost, more lost than I think I’ve ever been. I have a natural sense of direction and a knack for reading maps and yet I still couldn’t figure the place out. The city is a maze of busy streets, teeny alleys and meandering walkways. Don’t get me wrong–it’s not a bad place to get lost in, what with all the beautiful architecture and such–but if you’re going to get lost, it’s best to do it after you’ve found a place to leave your baggage.

This photo from Tyson Williams takes me back to the hurried streets of Barcelona. You too?

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Photo of the Day (22.04.2008)

As far as photography subjects go, sunsets and sunrises are about as original as young celebrity starlets ‘accidentally’ showing off their ladyparts in public. In other words? It’s been done before.

But every now and then, you come across a sunset photo like this one from Tarik B that kind of takes your breath away for a moment. It’s just that good, you know? I love everything about this photo, from the surfers in the foreground to the divine-looking orange rays jutting out from the fluffy clouds. Truly awesome work.

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Photo of the Day (04.15.2008)

I picked this photo by Kouiskas as the photo of the day because it looks almost too good be real, you know? Everything is perfect, from the colours of the earth to the fluffiness of the clouds. Postcard-perfect photos are usually fairly elusive, down to nothing more than the stroke of luck that you happened to visit a site on the ideal day. And it’s why we bring our cameras everywhere — we’re afraid of missing that perfect photo opportunity.

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Photo of the Day (04.08.2008)

One of my strongest memories of my trip to southeast Asia was being chased by a herd of monkeys in Vietnam. It was kind of funny at first, until we realized how persistent they can be when they want some food. I think I can honestly say that hungry monkeys lose the ‘cute’ factor pretty quickly. Still, they’re kind of charming in photos like this one from Geotraveler. So what do you think? With innocent monkeys in Phnom Penh guzzling Fanta like it’s the sweet nectar of the Gods, is the obesity crisis going to start affecting Animals too?

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