Donkeys have rights too!

A beach holiday in the English tourist town of Blackpool just isn’t the same without a seaside ride on a donkey for the little one–it’s one of those quirky traditions that has made Blackpool such a famous vacation spot in the UK. But new animal cruelty rules will soon ban overweight kids from taking the traditional donkey rides. According to this article from The Daily Mail, riders must weight less than 8 stone (112 lbs) in order to ride the donkeys, meaning the ride is open to normal-sized children and Nicole Richie.

And that’s just the beginning of the new labour regulations for the Blackpool beach donkeys — they also must have one day off a week, they must be cleared for labour by a vet and they must be allowed at least an hour’s rest either at lunchtime or in the evening.

It’s hoped that these regulations will help set the standard for the rights of asses around the world (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Photo of the Day (01.04.2008)

This photo of Bondi Beach really speaks to me, you know? I love the scenery–the sand, the surf, the bright blue sky stacked above the perfectly tanned sand. It’s a perfect scene, particularly for those of us who are feeling the last remnants of winter.

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Canada to adopt new national slogan

Canada: America’s Hat
. Catchy, ain’t it? The folks over at Tourism Canada thought so so they’ve decided to make it the official new slogan for the country’s soon-to-be-even-more bustling tourism industry. And Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s endorsed the slogan, saying, ‘It will show the world that I … I mean, we Canadians have a sense of humor. Ha. Ha. That’s funny’

Still, not everyone is sold. Says one die-hard Canadian: ‘It doesn’t make any sense. Canada’s bigger than the states. Who wears a hat that’s bigger than them?’ Adds another, ‘If Canada’s the hat, then the USA is like Mr. Peanut. The hat’s the best part — without it, he’s nothing. He’s just a nut.’

Mexican people prefer booths, don’t like waiting

Here’s an excerpt of an employee handbook found at a small Mexican restaurant located in Huntington Beach, CA that I saw on Gridskipper. And thank goodness I did because I really had no idea that all Mexican people like booths and hate waiting to be seated. Wait, does that mean that us whities don’t mind sitting around and are okay with uncomfortable hard-backed seats? Really, the logic here is beyond me.

That’s not all–women waitressing at this gem of an establishment must wear make-up and cannot wear a skirt that goes below the knees. Kind of reminds me of the dress code rules at my high school–except completely opposite.

Murder on the Inca Trail

A divorced British banker died after a blow to the head on the Inca Trail and was found in a nearby river–and it’s raising more than a few eyebrows across the pond. Colin Murphy, 44, disappeared on News Year’s day during a Christmas holiday to Peru from the town of Aguas Calientes in the Andes, not far from the Machu Picchu.

The last hours of his life were spent with 14 other holidayers, who left their campsite on New Year’s Eve to grab a drink at the nearest watering hole. The next day, Mr. Murphy was not in his tent. It’s believed the last person to see him alive was fellow tourist Harvey Layton, a construction worker he had befriend on the trip.

Called “the life and soul of any gathering.”, Mr. Murphy’s body has since been flown back to England, and while investigators are looking into his suspicious death, they’re hesitant to speculate on what happened.

I guess I can stop complaining about how awful my New Year’s Eve was …