Elon Musk Plans Cross-Country Road Trip In Electric Tesla Model S

The man behind the electric vehicle company Tesla Motors (and the recently hyped Hyperloop idea) tweeted that he, his five kids and network of superchargers are ready for a cross-country road trip. The trip — stunt, if you like — could be another milestone in the viability of electronic vehicles.

Autoblog Green has the background:

Musk first proposed this trip back in May when Tesla announced an expansion to the Supercharger network. At the time, Musk said he wanted to retrace the route of a college road trip, but this time with his five children in the car. With the optional rear-facing seats installed the Model S can seat 7, if some are small enough. On Twitter, Musk said trip planning is done, and the six-day, 3,200-mile trip should only require nine hours of charging. He added, “At 1.5 hrs/day, we will only ever need to charge when stopping anyway to eat or sightsee, never just for charging itself.” But we assume he’s not including overnight charging in that time, since six Supercharger fill-ups – which can each provide three hours of driving – will not be enough for the entire coast-to-coast trip.

Interesting timing on Musk’s tweet: It came 56 years to the day that Jack Kerouac’s epic road trip novel “On the Road” was published.

Stolen: A One-Mile Road In Russia

The unorthodox crime was allegedly committed by a 40-year-old Russian resident of Syktyvkar. The road had linked Parcheg with the Vychegda River before the mastermind carried in off in 82 reinforced concrete slabs.

How does one steal a road? NBC News reports:

Police uncovered the highway robbery when they pulled over a convoy of three heavy trucks carrying the slabs, which they said had been removed with a manipulator, an industrial machine that combines a bulldozer and a forklift.

The Interior Ministry valued the slabs at 200,000 rubles, or about $6,095.

The penalty for stealing a road in Russia? Up to two years in the pokey.

[via msnNOW]

Penn Station And The Meaning Of Life In 4 Tweets

Up in the Air” author Walter Kirn, “Absurdistan” author and travel writer Gary Shteyngart, and author of more books than some people will ever read, Joyce Carol Oates, had the following exchange on Twitter this morning. If you’ve ever traveled through New York’s Penn Station, the sentiments might feel familiar.

How can New York change Penn Station? Teams of architects are on the case.

Stuck At The Airport: Edward Snowden Vs. ‘Hippies’

Last week Edward Snowden got some interesting company in the world of highly publicized airport strandings. Grandma and Grandpa Woodstock’s plight caught people’s attention, albeit in a much different way than Snowden. Here’s the breakdown:

Given name(s) Edward Joseph Snowden Unknown
Nicknames TheTrueHOOHA, Phish Grandma and Grandpa Woodstock
Reason for travels Running from the Feds A Rainbow Family gathering
Stuck at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Salt Lake City Airport
Duration 28 days and counting (arrived in Moscow June 23) Several hours
Reason stuck in the airport Man without a country Woman without ID. “She forgot where she put it, probably 10 years ago,” said Grandpa Woodstock.
Message “This willingness by powerful states to act extra-legally represents a threat to all of us, and must not be allowed to succeed,” Snowden said. “All we have to do to have peace and love is learn how to love each other like brothers and sisters,” Grandpa Woodstock said.
Final destination To be determined Woodstock, New York

In other airport stranding news, a group of seven travelers has been stranded in Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s transit area for 14 days.

Should you ever find yourself living at an airport, don’t despair. Here are five reasons it might be kinda nice.

Man Completes First-Ever Cross-Country Wheelchair Trek

Gabriel Cordell rolled into his hometown of West Hempstead, New York, Monday night, becoming the first person to travel across the United States in a manual wheelchair. The 42-year-old’s journey began 99 days earlier in Santa Monica, California.

The Malverne-West Hempstead-Lynbrook Patch was there at the finish of his 3,100-mile quest. Cordell said: “I want to bring inspiration to people around the world … that people can do whatever they aspire to do.”

Cordell was accompanied by seven people for most of his journey, including Lisa France, the director and producer of Roll With Me, an upcoming documentary about the trek. Cordell acknowledged a debt to France.From Patch:

“I didn’t have one penny, just my will and my wheelchair,” Cordell said. “She believed in me and dropped everything in her life to make his happen. I am indebted into her greatly and she is forever my second sister.”

Cordell added:

“This has been a really tough journey on my family,” Cordell said. “But I can finally say that, mom and dad … your son made history baby!”

If this inspires you, check out this video of the world’s first underwater wheelchair.