Where Grapes and Pineapples Mix

In the United States most folks will agree without hesitation that the Napa Valley is the nation’s eminent wine
region. It doesn’t mean necessarily the most fun though. This might perhaps fall instead to Hawaii, which has two
wineries CNN/AP points
are quite entertaining to visit. A laid back experience, reflective of the Hawaiian lifestyle,
Tedeschi Vineyards and Volcano
bill themselves as places the non-experienced wine lover won’t feel intimidated by. One of the most
interesting things is that they blend local ingredients, such as pineapple, into some of the wines they produce.

Whitewater Festival, Reno Style

If you’re around Reno, NV between the 12th and 15th of this month you might want to check out the annual
Reno River Festival. MSNBC has a
good preview piece on the event which is being held in the
city’s one-half mile downtown whitewater park.
“Whitewater competitions, clinics, displays and demonstrations” will happen during the Festival, while the revitalized
downtown core of Reno itself offers up an interesting array of cafes, restaurants and, of course, casinos.

Hitting the Colorado Backcountry in Spring

Think it’s time to put away the skies? If you have access to the backcountry of Colorado, this 
Denver Post article will make you think
otherwise. This is apparently one of the best times of year to head out that way via car for access to powder you might
not normally touch during the regular season. Top places to consider include Loveland Pass, Mount Evans  and Trail
Ridge Road. You should, of course, avoid those nasty avalanches if you can.

Paddling the Broken Group Islands

One of the best joys of paddling is getting to go places that are only accessible by boat. Such is the case of the
Broken Group Islands, a chain of over 100 islands and rocks set in the
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada. Writer
Matt Jackson takes us there in this well written MSNBC/Canoe & Kayak
. Takeaways from his adventures include not messing with the sea lions, enjoying the best tidal pools have to
offer and generally being blown away by the beauty of Canada’s Pacific Northwest region.

Picking that Right Paddling Boat

Kayak? Canoe? Inflatable? Hard shell? What’s the best choice to enjoy the roaring rapids as snow packs around the
country begin melting? Rex Turner writes in
that you should think of buying a paddling boat as you would a car, asking yourself questions like
what you will be doing with it and where you will be going. Another thing to think about is what paddling experience
you already have – one used to a canoe may find a kayak daunting at first.