Gogo Inflight Internet offers free inflight Twitter access during Spring Break!

If you are lucky enough to be flying on one of the U.S. domestic airlines with Gogo Inflight Internet, you are in for a treat this Spring Break season – free Twitter access.

As part of a double promotion, Gogo Inflight Internet is giving away access to the service for a month (till April 14), and is inviting you to enter a contest to win $10,000.

Getting your free Twitter access is simple – when the cabin crew tells you that you are allowed to use electronic devices, connect to the Gogo Inflight Internet signal and follow the instructions on the portal page.

You don’t even have to be inflight to enter the $10,000 contest – just click here and fill in the required fields. You can enter once a day.

Of course, if you need more than Twitter, you can purchase full Internet access inflight or before you board.

Inflight on Twitter? Don’t forget to follow @Gadling and @Gogoinflight!

[Photo: Flickr/JustJohn101]

Gogo Inflight Internet launches mobile connection apps

Gogo Inflight Internet user with an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or a Blackberry? Thanks to a pair of new mobile apps, getting your mobile device online is now easier than ever.

Instead of finding the hotspot name and manually logging in, these new apps do all the hard work for you.

The process is simple – download and install the app, and enter your Gogo Inflight user name and password. If you don’t have a Gogo Inflight account, you can sign up for one on their site, or from within the mobile app.

The apps are available in your mobile market, search for “gogo inflight” in the iTunes market or Blackberry App World or click on the links on the Gogo Inflight mobile app page. We’ve been told that an Android version of the app is on its way.

Inflight Internet on a mobile device is available starting at just $4.95 (on flights under 1.5 hours). For frequent fliers, you can also opt for a $19.95 all you can eat connection pass, valid on a single airline.

Google spreads holiday cheer with complimentary Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi

Once again, Google is giving away some really nice holiday presents this season. Last year, the search giant provided free Wi-Fi at airports around the nation, and this year they are bringing their generosity to the skies by offering complimentary Wi-Fi on flight aboard AirTran, Delta and Virgin America flights. These three airlines have outfitted their entire fleet with Wi-Fi, powered by Gogo Inflight.

The promotion starts On November 20, and lasts till January 2 – which means flying during the holiday season won’t be that bad this year. Google is using the promotion to create some buzz for their Chrome Browser. If you haven’t tried Chrome, I can highly recommend taking it for a spin.

You can connect to Gogo Inflight using your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, PDA, smartphone or tablet – and you’ll enjoy broadband speeds as soon as the captain says you can safely use your device.

If you are flying one of the Gogo Inflight enabled airlines not included in the promotion, you can still get online – and prices start at just $4.95 for flights under and hour and a half. For the entire overview of pricing options, head on over to Gogo Inflight.

For more on the promotion, head on over to freeholidaywifi.com.

Gogo Inflight Internet now available between Anchorage and Fairbanks on Alaska Airlines

While many of us were eagerly awaiting that availability of Gogo Inflight on our flights, our friends up in Alaska were waiting to get any kind of inflight access. Thankfully for them, Gogo Inflight just flipped the switch on the first of their towers covering the route between Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Passengers on this 55 minute Alaska Airlines flight can now enjoy their online content on their laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. Best of all, the service is being offered complimentary to passengers until the remainder of the network goes live later this year. Once complete, passengers will be able to get online for the first hour of their flight over Alaska, then get back online once their plane reaches the lower 48.

Gogo Inflight Internet is available on 1028 aircraft from 9 airlines – access prices start at just $4.95, and are currently on sale until the end of the month – which means you can get an unlimited subscription for just $19.95. For an overview of their various pricing plans, head on over to Gogoinflight.com.

HasWifi.com answers a simple question – will my plane have inflight Wi-Fi?

Determining whether your next flight offers Wi-Fi isn’t that hard – most airline web sites have their own widget to help answer the question, but things can always be a bit easier. HasWiFi lets you enter your flight information, and instantly tells you whether you’ll be online for your flight, or whether you’ll need to suffer through another horrible inflight movie.

If you want to make life even easier, you can link the site with your TripIt account, and it’ll pull your upcoming flight information from their service, without having to look up flight numbers yourself.

Search results display the flight number, airplane type, destination and of course whether you’ll actually have Wi-Fi. The site also provides user feedback, in case the information from the airline turns out to be incorrect.

All in all, a very easy to use site. The content is simple enough to be viewed on a mobile phone, and the creator kept things nice and clean. So, before your next flight, head on over to HasWifi, and if you are lucky enough to be able to get online, don’t forget to create a Gogo Inflight account to make getting online even quicker.