Massive New Ski Resort Gets Approval In British Columbia

Government officials in British Columbia recently approved a plan to build a massive new ski resort in the province’s Purcell Mountains. When complete, the Jumbo Glacier Alpine Resort will be one of the largest ski areas in all of North America and will become the first on the continent to operate year-round.

It is estimated that it will take approximately two years and $900 million to complete the project, which is expected to open for Christmas 2014. When it does open, Jumbo will stretch across nearly 15,000 acres and will feature 23 lifts. Eventually it will also have as many 5500 rooms for on-site guest accommodations. Its unique location on the Jumbo Glacier will be one of its defining characteristics of course, as that will provide for four-season skiing and snowboarding.

The new project has been in the planning stages for more than 20 years and has been met with resistance from those living close to the new development. Some fear that it will alter the natural landscape and have an adverse effect on the wildlife in the Jumbo Valley where it will be built. As a result, a special grizzly bear protection and management program had to be created before the resort was given the green light and developers had to meet 195 environmental commitments before receiving the seal of approval. When it is completed, Jumbo is expected to draw thousands of visitors to the region on a yearly basis, creating jobs and additional revenue in the process.

I personally know a number of skiers who would love to have the ability to hit the slopes in the dead of summer and in a few years they’ll have that option.