Dogsledding in Norway

Just because cold weather sets in doesn’t mean we have to put an end to our outdoor adventures. There are plenty of great things to do in the snow, like skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, and for the truly adventurous, dogsledding. That is the focus of this article from the Times Online, who sent travel writer Stanley Stewart on a three day dogsledding expedition through the wilds of Norway led by Steppes Travel, a company that specializes in adventure travel.

The trip took place on the remote Svalbard islands, which sit nearly a thousand miles north of the Norwegian mainland, where Stewart, who seems an unlikely adventure traveler, is forced to endure inclement weather that includes high winds, blizzard conditions, and temperatures that dropped to -25º C (-13º F). The islands are perpetually covered in snow and ice, and that makes them a perfect winter playground, even in the height of summer.
Early on in the journey, the author learns to drive the sled, keeping the dogs under control, and before long, he is able to relax a bit, and take in the stark beauty of the arctic environment. Throughout the day, the team is pressing to reach their destination, a ship that is trapped in the ice, which serves as their hotel for the evening. The travelers have a sense of urgency instilled in them when the guides threaten to make them camp in tents if they don’t arrive at the much warmer boat before night fall.

If you’ve ever dreamed of sledding along through the arctic, than you are sure to enjoy this article. It gives an excellent first hand account of what this kind of adventure is all about. You’ll either come away more determined than ever to go play in the cold, or you’ll be convinced once and for all that a vacation in the arctic just isn’t a very good idea.