Outside TV coming to a resort near you in 2010

Outside Magazine has been a trusted name for adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts for years, offering gear reviews, profiles of explorers and athletes, as well as plenty of travel, survival, and health tips too. Now, the iconic magazine has joined forces with the Resort Sports Network, and the new partners have announced the launch of the Outside Television Network in June of 2010.

RSN is currently considered the top television network for delivering content to top vacation destinations across the U.S. It’s seen in 110 destinations throughout the country, with an annual viewership that exceeds 61 million people. Despite those numbers however, the network will undergo a complete rebranding before summer 2010, and will relaunch with the Outside brand front and center on June 1st.

This joint venture looks to have benefits for both Outside and RSN. In an era when many print mags, such as National Geographic Adventure, are shutting their doors, Outside is expanding into new media and taking their brand in new directions. RSN, on the other hand, gets access to a ton of great editorial content and will undergo a major face lift that will give it more name recognition with the markets they are looking to pursue.

So, when traveling next summer, keep your eyes peeled for this new network. It may have some great suggestions on how to make the most of your trip, or at least help you pass the time while you’re at the resort.