Bourdain Does Jersey

Hello Kitty Bourdain

Reason #3 that I need to get cable: While on the road recently, I caught an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s
No Reservations, which Erik
mentioned last month. Bourdain’s take on the Garden State
was refreshing, edgy and full of facts I was surprisingly unaware of, having spent a good portion of my life
vacationing, attending school and visiting relatives throughout NJ.

During the hour long program he eats seafood at Klein’s in
Belmar, makes cheese at the fascinating Bobolink Dairy in Vernon, shops
Japanese style at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater,
learns about soft tofu at a Korean restaurant and buys cannolis at
Gencarelli’s Bakery in Bloomfield. He visits a unique combo of places
in a state that gets a lot of slack for being nothing more than the shore. Here’s some additional insight from the man
himself: Bourdain’s personal take on

Repeats of this episode, Off the Jersey Turnpike, will air again in early Sept., and other episodes are still
rolling out on Monday nights. Here is a
of upcoming episodes.