Postcard from Portland #2


I’m learning that it wouldn’t be Portland without some rain, so I’m definitely having the authentic weather
experience here. I have no clue what day or hour it is, but I’m enjoying myself so far. I’m staying in the southeast
part of the city, at the Hawthorne Hostel. Since I arrived late last
night, they gave me the security codes by phone yesterday so I could get in on my own. It was a weird but still rather
wonderful welcome to let myself into a warm cozy house and settle in for a good night’s rest. Which is exactly what I
did. The house is toasty and comfortable, and despite sleeping in a dorm room with about four other females, I slept
like a baby. The hostel can accommodate about 30 and I’m sure in summer months it’s packed to capacity, but so far I’ve
only seen a few other folks wandering around. Because of the cold damp weather I’ve decided to just lay low and catch
up on work this afternoon at the hostel, then head downtown to
Powells later on. I did get out for an early breakfast
this morning at Gravy, a great little brunch place that
actually serves lunch and dinner too. The place has neat design details, like curtains made of fabric patches and old
ties, and antique flatware that reminded me of my grandmother’s…another place with a homey atmosphere, making Portland
really feel like a home away from home.