Polo’s Bastards

The writer’s at Polo’s Bastards didn’t take too kindly to the media portraying them as reckless and Tehran Street Signpromoting irresponsible travel, according to this piece from PR Leap. Editor, Lee Ridley states to the adventure travel sites defense that many of their writers are some of the most travel-savvy in the biz, coming from backgrounds like security contractors, professional war-journalists, aid workers and a lone Oxford Professor.

I’m surprised I didn’t catch onto this site before this little news blurb. The Polo’s Bastards motto is ‘going where we ain’t supposed to,’ (a motto that works very well in describing some of my own dream destinations) and includes several stories on places like Honduras, Syria, Pakistan, Congo, and Afghanistan. Spending a good moment exploring their site, I found the content quite interesting and highly informative. The photo galleries capture the kind of visuals many travel brochures are lacking (love this one on Persian propaganda in Iran), reviews are given on Arabic language learning books, and another on a Sudan travel guide.

Didn’t fully catch any signs of being reckless in the stories and sure, the writers wish to travel to places you’re probably not going to want to spend your honeymoon, but for those who can’t help being curious and wish to see the truth for themselves, then thanks Polo’s Bastards. I recommend anyone with an interest in hostile travel destinations or places that have bad images otherwise, read some of the content on this site. How does it sound to you?