Skiing at the Ritz

our sister blog about everything luxurious and expensive, posts a bit about private skiing adventures. You know the
kind. Helicopters and jets and the freshest V this side of a volcano’s lip. Luxist checks out the article on the Times Online by writer Mark Frary who heads
to the places that only the rich can really call home, places like Aspen or perhaps Jackson Hole.

Check it
out as Frary takes a private jet from Club 328, stays at Gasthof Post, the hotel favored by Queen Beatrix…and that hosted Renée
Zellweger and Colin Firth when they filmed the second Bridget Jones movie. Then he gets his mitts on up a customized
pair of Strolz ski boots, so special and high tech that they scan your feet with a
computer. Clearly this is travel writing on someone else’s dime, but that’s OK. We can’t criticise just because we’re