Red Square: Hitched in Slovenia

“You can’t spell Slovenia without ‘love'” is one of the more lame reasons I’ve heard for choosing a wedding location.

Cheesy line aside, journalist Tim Walker has penned a nice piece for the Independent about turning your back on expensive weddings and tying the knot in the much cheaper, and in many cases far more beautiful, country of Slovenia (apparently a growing trend these days for British couples).

The particular wedding he happens to attend takes place on picturesque Lake Bled, at the foot of the Slovenian Alps-a place where Yugoslavian president Tito used to vacation regularly. Although the whole area sounds amazing, what really seemed to win Walker over was the post-marriage ceremony where the wedding party took gondolas to a small island in the middle of the lake. The groom then had to carry his new bride up 99 stairs to the Church of the Assumption where the happy couple rang a large “wishing bell.”

So, in honor of Valentines’ Day, Red Corner is embracing the other Red and wishing you the very best with your wedding plans in case a big ring makes an appearance tonight (just don’t tell your fiance you picked Slovenia to save money; it’s because of the beautiful surroundings, dummy!).