Africa Travel: Libya

LibyaTravel talk on Libya appeared to be in full-swing again as early as late 2004 where the country was re-emerging as travel hot spot for the bold, daring, and forgiving adventurers who look past the not-so-welcoming and ugly past. Erik mentioned it sometime ago by pointing us to this NY Times piece from Peter Wilkinson. Libya is situated in Northern Africa off the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Tunisia. Since the country is still coming around in the hospitality biz (especially for Americans) I figured I’d use this post as an update to see where things lay now. It is a place known for incredible desert architecture and archeological sites found in Ghadames, Leptis Magna, and Cyrene (a UNESCO World Heritage landmark). This Libyan Travel and Tourism page also offers some interesting sites to soak in if  the country happens to be your next destination of choice, but in terms of  entry and Visa related issues, travelers have been experiencing some rather lenghty delays in obtaining them according to this Travel Weekly piece and the State Department. Plan far in advance for this one. In the meantime check out this awesome slideshow from the NY Times.