Africa Travel: Madagascar

HFHBefore taking off on my vacation I got my most recent Habitat for Humanity newsletter in the mail and decided to pack it in with my things for some additional in-flight reading. As I flipped through to see which new Global Village builds were kicking off soon I saw several happening in Africa these coming months and since I haven’t mentioned a huge amount of volunteer travel in my Africa Travel posts I figured I’d toss this one in as a suggestion when visiting Madagascar.

Building homes with Habitat for humanity can be an exciting and heart-warming way to experience close interaction with the locals as you not only build their future home you build with them by your side. It will be a rewarding extension to any other activities (beaches, rainforest treks, etc.) planned on the world’s fourth largest island which is also one of the world’s poorest countries. Global Village builds for Madagascar are scheduled from May 7-28, 2006 and June 30-July 16, 2006. To find out more about building in the area and how to join a team check out HFH.