Word for the Travel Wise (02/28/06)

TriniFlagTobago without a question is the official cool down spot for post-Carnival activities. It is the place to rest one’s weary limbs after hours of parading and wining through POS streets. I’ve got my plans made to cool it on the quiet sister island after all the partying has come to a halt and I’m looking forward to the affair immensely.

Today’s word is a slang word used in Trinidad & Tobago:

lime – to hang out in a group

The official term for hanging out with your pals, boyfriend, girlfriend, family or whoever is ‘lime.’ I recall from my very first visit trying to understand the meaning of the word and the depths to a lime and where one can occur. While it often felt as if people were just loitering in the streets and on corners of closed neighborhood shops they were actually ‘bustin’ ah lime.’ My friend and I took part in some liming of our own, sipping on an Apple J and posting up against a wall. So in short yuh can ‘lime’ at a beach, fete, house, or against the wall.

Definition of today’s word and past Trini slang is compliments of the online Trini dictionary.

Past Trini slang words: bawlin’, bacchanal