Africa Travel: Sierra Leone

SierraLeoneThanks to
rap-mogul Kanye West, young hip-hopsters with an ear for urban sounds and
without a clue of the civil strife that has long plagued the diamond producing country of Sierra Leone, music lovers
discovered more about the struggle for/behind the bling. For the most part Sierra Leone is still emerging from its
violent past and travel to this African country should be carefully considered by checking update after update. In the
meantime we can turn up the volume and bob our heads to West’s words and food for thought. And if your preference for
learning about Sierra Leone is without the extravagant rap production visit this page on culture. Poetry, proverbs, lorry slogans,
and meanings behind the village names.  If Bo, 
Boma, Baaka, Kangbe or Mayata  are places you plan on swinging through when you do go spend the time studying the
village background. Sometimes it is all in a name.

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