Blog Alert: The Pan Collective

phagwamaniSince the return of my trip I’ve been
rather hush-hush on speaking anymore about Trinidad & Tobago. Mostly because I figured someone would scream or send
a dart to my back if they heard one more story or trip tip about this spectacular island in the Eastern Caribbean, but
my silence stops here. (Kick, shout, scream and do whatever.) For those who can never get enough of island things I
point your attention to a brand new blog in town called The Pan
. Don’t be fooled – the site may have a good number of talented bloggers straight out of TnT, but lookout
for blurbs on Aruba and Jamaica as well.

Overall it’s a place where you’ll find info on art, culture, food,
family life, and unique perspectives about the region. (Check out this entry on the Phagwah festivities.) Be sure to bookmark this one and continue to
visit as they grow.

via Chookooloonks