A Piece of your own Island

Looking to buy a slice of heaven but a little short on cash?  Well, if you’ve got just £120
(about $214) you can join 5,000 other investors to lease an island in the Pacific Ocean. 
Voro Voro is a 200-acre island that is a 90-minute plane ride from Fiji.  It is truly an isolated, deserted island
with no electricity or fresh water. 

A small group of young Brits are planning on turning the island into a communal society. The £120 will entitle investors to a full week on the
island once every year.  The first few years will be spent building accommodations and infrastructure—those
not present on the island when important decision are being made can vote and express opinions to the islanders via a
solar powered internet connection. 

Utopian societies such as this are always marvelous to consider but ultimately doomed to failure because of one
tragic flaw: they will be populated by humans.  Even though only 100 people are expected to be on the island at
any one time, that’s 99 too many for most societies to remain conflict free.  It’s a great idea, and
I’d love to see it work, but the last time a group of Brits ended up on a deserted island, Ralph and Piggy would
hardly have called it paradise.