African Nation Swipes Photographer's Image?

This came in through email recently and I
confess I am totally intrigued. Photographer Kelly Fajack says that a photo
he took (no no not the one of the hot chick pulling you POV into bed) was
used without his permission by the government of Burundi. Was it published in some random Burundi newspaper, say The
Burundi National Ledger and Gazette? The Burundi Journal of Education? Nope. It looks as if it was used on the national
currency, the 10,000 franc note, to be exact. If you take a look at
both the image and the bill, it seems pretty damn clear that they are the same image…with the exception that on the
bill the kid in the front seat doesn’t wrench his mouth in a little sneer as he does in the photo. Fajack says that he
was notified the image was taken from him by an American diplomat, and that he believes the image was taken from his
Website. He’s failed a lawsuit against Burundi for copyright infringement.