Word for the Travel Wise (05/13/06)

Fiji FlagThe best part of having friends from all over the globe is having the opportunity to pick their brains about possible vacation destinations and better yet the local slang to help keep you sounding cool in hot, sunny places like Fiji. So for today’s word I tapped into the word bank of a close friend of mine to help those of us planning a fabulous Fijian adventure this summer or even next year.

Today’s phrase is a Fijian phrase used in Fiji:

Chalo ghume. – Let’s go somewhere and have fun.

My friend actually speaks Hindi, but says this particular phrase is not proper Hindi and may not be understood in India. Since the phrase is widely understood in Fiji from what my friend tells me I thought it safe to call it Fijian. Cool? Glad you agree. Now let’s go have some fun!

Fiji Dictionary has about 850 words translating from Fijian-English and vice versa. The author of the site has a small disclaimer up top to remind those of us seeking methods to learn Fijian tongue online, that theirs may not be the most accurate and to use at your own risk. Rob Kay’s Fiji Guide has a pronunciation guide in addition to several useful words and historical background on the Fijian language including Fijian Hindi. Before clicking into the two above, check out Wiki for other interesting lingo facts.

Past Fijian words: daulomani